Youth code - demonstrational cassette - National Youth Council of Ireland | Comhairle Náisiúnta na nÓg

On my honour
I promise that
I will do my best
To do my duty to my God
And to Australia
To help other people and
To live by the Scout Law.

Youth Code have only being recording for a little over a year, but their chops suggest the work of a more informed and consistent outfit. Chalk it up to studious ears and hard work: Taylor works as a tour manager, George has bummed around in various different punk and hardcore bands, and both eschew the constrictions of "scenes" while committing themselves to DIY ethics. A recent list the pair drummed-up for self-titled magazine, titled "Youth Code's Top Ten Industrial Songs That Have Nothing To Do With Nine Inch Nails," showcased their curious blend of influences and disinterest in convention. A cassette released last December translated those ideas well, despite sounding uncomfortably shrill thanks to its homemade quality (three of those tracks have been re-recorded for the LP). With Youth Code , everything is about depth, the corroded atmospheres and indelicate but fierce percussive elements. Though it's short, it's a brutal listen, like being brained with a fire extinguisher in the middle of a nitrous hit. Exhausting, surely, but there's a propulsion and a warped tunefulness on display that keeps you on your toes, even if Taylor and George didn't intend that to be taken literally.

Youth Code - Demonstrational CassetteYouth Code - Demonstrational CassetteYouth Code - Demonstrational CassetteYouth Code - Demonstrational Cassette